Promotional and Marketing Materials

The Promotional Materials Project is a multi-platform program developed to strengthen the capacity of Aboriginal Non-Profit (ANP) organizations to recruit new employees. Promotional materials for this program were designed to target two distinct demographics: (1) Aboriginal youth or young adults at the beginning of their careers; and (2) potential career changers who have a high level of existing qualifications and experience.

The promotional program involves a strong mix of tactics and programs that are designed to integrate and work in tandem with each other to strengthen impact and reach into the BC’s Indigenous community.

Promotional materials in this project include: website recruitment portal, videos, social and earned media (PR) program, advertorials, E-News platform and a poster.

Poster for download

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Sector Pension Plan Tools

The Sector Pension Plan initiative is part of the anpBC Strategy to support the Aboriginal non-profit (ANP) workforce in BC.

Many ANP agencies would like to adopt a pension plan —and for good reason. An employer pension plans benefits both the employer and its employees. For the employer, the benefit comes from a lower rate of turnover in the workforce. But in the ANP sector, lack of time, money, and knowledge can be insurmountable barriers to implementing a plan.

The Sector Pension Plan Tools were created to help ANP organizations overcome those barriers. They are the product of extensive research on pension plan options conducted in Phase One of the anpBC Strategy. The Tools will be available online as a series of webpages, each summarizing the research on a specific pension plan issue.


The Tools will be available online soon as a series of webpages, each summarizing the research on a specific pension plan issue.

Holistic Retirement Planning

The Holistic Retirement Planning initiative is part of the anpBC Strategy to support the Aboriginal non-profit (ANP) workforce in BC.

Indigenous cultures have always placed a high value on planning ahead, supporting Elders and living holistically. Indigenous values around savings and wealth often differ from non-Indigenous values, and need to be honoured in any approach to financial planning. The Holistic Retirement Planning curriculum explores how these Indigenous values relate to transitioning to Elderhood and supporting Elders in today’s world. It is an educational program designed to empower you to retire on your own terms and plan for your future holistically and in a way that aligns with your cultural values in order to achieve the quality of life you desire when you get older.

Supporting the Curriculum is a set of videos that can also be used as a stand-alone resource.


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Honouring the Seasons of Your Life – Facilitator’s GUIDEBOOK
Honouring the Seasons of Your Life – Participant WORKBOOK

PowerPoint Presentations

Needs Vs. Wants PowerPoint Presentation
Honouring the Seasons of Your Life – Workshop PowerPoint Presentation


Other Videos available to view:

· The Stages of Life – The Four Corners of the Big House with Alex Nelson
· Indigenous Resilience: The Potlach Economy and Canada’s Indian Act with Nella Nelson 
· Elders and Traditional Teachings with Bertha Cardinal 
· The Foundations of Aging Well with Alex Nelson 

Research Paper

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anpBC Holistic Retirement Research Paper





Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council

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Driven by the desire to improve the health and well-being of BC’s Indigenous people, several prominent provincial Indigenous organizations came together to develop a social legacy from the Cowichan 2008 North American Indigenous Games—a legacy that would lead to transformative change in the health and well-being of Indigenous people across the province.


Healthy Living in the Circle

In her job as Director of Healthy Living for the Indigenous Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation Council (ISPARC), Robynne Edgar gets to see the effect her work has on others every day. “I am able to be creative and develop programs I am also personally passionate about,” she explains. “I get to see firsthand how these programs impact our leaders who run them in their communities, and see the difference they are making and how much these programs are enjoyed.”

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Connecting Students to Goals – IN THE CIRCLE

Sharing success stories is one of the things Cara Lenoir loves about her job. A Marketing Specialist at the Native Education College (NEC) in Vancouver, Cara loves learning about the stories from NEC Alumni, students, and staff. “They are quite amazing,” she explains. “I enjoy learning about the heart of their stories and sharing it with people so that they may spark inspiration in others.”

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