Phase Two

Phase Two of the anpBC Strategy was officially launched in January 2016 with a provincial gathering of ANP organizations. At this gathering, held in Vancouver, BC on January 28th, 2016, over 80 ANP representatives demonstrated their interest and investment in the work of the Strategy by travelling from all regions of the province to connect, build sectoral relationships and contribute to important discussions guiding Phase Two design.

Phase Two was structured around five central projects, which were designed to implement many of the recommendations and suggested activities identified through Phase One. Following the January 2016 ANP gathering, five consulting teams were selected to undertake the five Phase Two projects. These enthusiastic and dedicated teams began working on their respective projects in April 2016. They worked tirelessly over the following year to complete the projects in order to be able to showcase their work at a final provincial ANP gathering that was held on April 25th & 26th, 2017, marking the completion of Phase Two.

More information about each of the Phase Two projects can be found at the links below. The products and results of the Phase Two projects are found in the anpTools section of this website.

Project 1 – Mentorship and Elder Guidance

Project 2 – Culture and Wellness

Project 3 – Sector Pension Plan

Project 4 – Holistic Retirement Planning

Project 5 – Promotional Materials