Mentorship and Elder Guidance

Enhancing the roles of Elders and youth in ANP organizations

The purpose of this project is to promote thriving intergenerational relationships in ANP agencies and help organizations to build robust, dynamic, culturally grounded and sustainable teams. Guided by a series of community consultations in different regions of BC, this project developed a series of concrete tools that ANP agencies can use to support mentorship and Elder guidance in their workplaces and to help recruit and retain Aboriginal youth in their organizations.

This project was undertaken by the Indigenous Perspectives Society with support from Nota Bene Consulting Group.

Project Lead: Rachelle Dallaire, Indigenous Perspectives Society,

Mentorship and Elder Guidance – Key project objectives:
  • Enhance strong and healthy roles for Elders and youth in ANP agencies
  • Increase mentorship opportunities for Aboriginal youth in ANP agencies
  • Increase awareness amongst ANP agencies of the importance of investing in both Elders and young adults, and including them in organizational decision-making processes
  • Increase the capacity of the sector to attract and retain young Aboriginal employees
  • Help organizations to be better prepared for succession planning
  • Increased awareness of good mentoring practice
  • Promote intergenerational relationships in ANP agencies through intentional business and HR practices