Culture and Wellness in the Workplace

The Culture and Wellness initiative is part of the anpBC Strategy to support the workforce of Aboriginal non-profit (ANP) organizations in BC.

Incorporating culture and wellness in the workplace is a win-win for employees and employers. In a recent survey of workers in the ANP sector, 88% said they were more likely to stay at an organization that incorporates culture. And research suggests that focusing on wellness increases employee productivity.

Before colonialism, culture and wellness were woven into the fabric of Indigenous life, including work life. But today, bringing those elements into the Aboriginal workplace requires a special effort.

The Culture and Wellness Tools were developed to support ANP employers and employees in making that effort. The Culture and Wellness Guidebook provides sample policies and practices for improving culture and wellness in ANP organizations. The Tools also include posters to promote workplace programs, and a Culture and Wellness card deck containing activities and affirmations.


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Culture and Wellness Card Deck
Culture and Wellness in the Workplace Guidebook