Youth Recruitment and Retention

 The Youth Recruitment and Retention initiative is part of the anpBC Strategy to support the Aboriginal non-profit (ANP) workforce in BC.

Recruiting and retaining young people is crucial to the long-term health and sustainability of an organization. Young people bring unique skills, important perspectives, and are currently the largest generation in the workforce. In order to tap into the potential that this generation offers, it is important that organizations pay special attention to youth recruitment and retention strategies. This can mean using language that young people will relate to and choosing media that will reach them, or finding ways to ensure that young people are supported and have opportunities for growth while working in the organization.

The Youth Recruitment and Retention Tools found below empower ANP agencies to meet attract young people to their organizations in an effective way. Practical information, suggested activities, and advice can be found in the Youth Recruitment and Retention Handbook. A series of downloadable posters are available to help agencies self-assess their youth recruitment and retention strategies and promote the importance of youth recruitment and retention in their organizations. A poster template is available for organizations that prefer to design customized posters.
And, finally, in a short video, you can hear from youth working in the ANP sector about what attracts them to their jobs.


Promoting Indigenous Youth Recuritment and Retention in Aboriginal Non-Profit Organizations

A handbook with information and tips for attracting and retaining youth employees.

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Posters for Download:

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