This website is a product of united action by BC’s Aboriginal non-profit (ANP) organizations. And the purpose of the website is to unite ANP organizations, their employees, and people interested in working in the ANP sector.

The united action that created this website began in 2010 and 2011, when ANP leaders from all over BC met in Vancouver to develop a collective human resource strategy. You can read about those meetings on the anpBC Strategy homepage.

One goal agreed to at those meetings was to create resources that ANP agencies could use to unite senior and junior employees in mentoring relationships. Those resources are now available on the Elder Mentorship and Guidance Tools page.

Among the reasons ANP employees love their work is that they help to unite the communities they serve. A good example is Brock Lewis, an announcer for Canada’s First Nations Radio. You can read about Brock on the Sharing ANP Stories page of the anpCircle.