Sector Pension Plan

Supporting a secure future for ANP employees across BC

Many ANP agencies like the idea of adopting a pension plan, but the practical implementation often seems out of reach. Lack of time, money, and knowledge about pensions are huge barriers for interested agencies. The goal of this project is to support a secure future for ANP employees across BC by assisting ANP agencies in accessing pension plans. In depth research was conducted into the pros and cons of different pension plan options, resulting in a series of educational resources for ANP agencies.

This project was undertaken by Lorna Eastman & Associates.

Project Lead: Lorna Eastman,

Key objectives:
  • Minimize the amount of effort and administrative costs required by ANP agencies interested in adopting pension plans
  • Leverage sector buying power
  • Minimize administrative costs to any one ANP for adopting a pension plan
  • Increase the quality of life for staff who work in and retire from the ANP sector
  • Enhance the capacity of ANPs to attract and retain quality staff by increasing the benefits they are able to offer