Promotional Materials

Inspiring career-changers and youth to join the ANP sector

ANP organizations have a lot to offer potential employees, but they often don’t have the right promotional materials to make the offer. Lack of time and resources are usually to blame.

This project will help ANPs reach out to a diverse array of individuals by developing materials and platforms that promote the ANP sector to potential career-changers and to Aboriginal youth. The anpCircle, a multi-platform promotional program grounded in a central promotional website, was designed. Visit the anpCircle  to learn more about the ANP sector, job postings, career options, and personal stories from ANP employees across the province.

This project was undertaken by TrueNorth42.

Project Lead: Joanne Veltri,

Key objectives:
  • Grow the pool of qualified Aboriginal employees interested in working for the ANP sector
  • Increase the general awareness of the excellent career options that exist in ANP agencies
  • Strengthen the capacity of ANP agencies to self-promote and attract young talent