Mentorship and Elder Guidance

The Mentorship and Elder Guidance initiative is part of the anpBC Strategy to support Aboriginal non-profit (ANP) workforce in BC. Mentoring is an age-old practice in Aboriginal communities to guide, teach, and nurture individuals to achieve their fullest potential. At its core, mentoring is a relationship based learning with a trusted advisor. Elder guidance is traditionally the role of someone who carries the knowledge and wisdom passed down through generations.

Mentoring and Elder guidance are key approaches to building capacity and strengthening ANP organizations. Traditionally, Indigenous communities gained knowledge and skills through guidance from experienced family and community members. This form of hands-on learning and passing on the wisdom of Elders in the workplace is a key resource for building professional skills amongst new staff and nurturing the full potential of employees of all ages.

The Mentorship and Elder Guidance Tools were designed to help ANP agencies to create their own mentorship programs. The Mentorship and Elder Guidance Handbook and the Mentoring Toolbook contain information and advice about how to develop and implement a program, as well as a list of useful resources. There are also posters that can be used to promote Mentorship and Elder Guidance programs in your organization, as well as a poster template for organizations that prefer to design their own promotional material. In a short video, you can hear from different ANP agencies about their approaches to mentorship and Elder guidance in their organizations.


Below are booklets that provide information and advice about how to develop and implement a mentorship program. Click on the booklet image to download.

Pathways: Mentorship and Elder Guidance in Aboriginal Non-Profit Organizations.
Mentoring Tools

Posters for Download:

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